Solicitor & Peddlers Licensing

On September 25, 2001 the City Council of Fremont Nebraska adopted Ordinance No. 3970 (PDF) providing for the licensing and regulating of peddlers and solicitors. The following are the requirements to peddle/solicit:

    • Permit applications (PDF) are available at the Police Department, 725 N Park, 2nd floor. Application must be fully completed and returned to the Police Department for further processing.
    • A United States Citizens Attestation Form (PDF) shall be completed by every applicant.
    • $25.00 fee per solicitor/peddler.
    • Valid for thirty days.
    • $2000 license permit bond to guarantee future delivery of products ordered. Such bond shall be effective for at least six months from the date of the sales and solicitation permit. A single $5,000 license permit bond covering ten (10) solicitors or a single $10,000 permit bond covering more than ten (10) solicitors may be submitted. Bond shall be specific and identify each solicitor by name.
    • Hours are restricted to after 8:00 a.m. and before sunset.
    • Every solicitor/peddler must carry on their person their permit. Permits are not transferable.
    • Permits may be revoked for but not exclusive of the following: Complaints of high pressure sales; providing incomplete or false information about company, products or services; after hours operation violations; indicating a fictitious affiliation with groups or companies; entering upon private premises when same is posted with "no peddlers/solicitors allowed"; conviction of a felony or other crime involving dishonesty or moral turpitude; improper transfer of permit; other misconduct.
    • Exceptions: unpaid volunteers or other individuals who are not paid or otherwise compensated to sell or solicit on behalf of a nonprofit organization, such as schools, scout troops, churches and other nonprofit organizations.