Electricity was generated in this location from 1919-1976

Utility Electric System

The Fremont Department of Utilities Electrical System started in 1895, making it one of the oldest Electrical Municipalities in the State of Nebraska.

Electric Departments

The Electric Division has three departments to help provide safe, reliable and cost efficient power to our customers. The three departments are generation, distribution and electrical Engineering.

The Electric Service Area covers 60 square miles including the City of Fremont and the surrounding Area. The electric division provides power to over 14,000 homes and businesses.

Utility and Infrastructure Board

The operation of the Fremont Department of Utilities is governed by a five member Utility and Infrastructure Board that is appointed by the mayor and City Council. Utility and Infrastructure Board meetings and City Council meetings are held twice monthly and are open to the public for input and comment on the system operation and resource planning.

Call Before You Dig

Electric lines lie underground. If you plan to dig underground call first at 1.800.331.5666 or 811 (from cell phone) or go to Diggers Hotline.