Electric Distribution

Repairing electrical lineOverview

The Department of Utilities delivers electricity to our customers' homes through a system of transmission and distribution lines, substations, and transformers.  

We maintain approximately 450 miles of overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines, 8-69,000/13,800-volt substations, and over 3,400 transformers.  To maintain our excellent levels of service, 2-hour availability of crews is required year-round.  

The Distribution Department contains two divisions; Line and Service, totaling 20 employees who can respond to emergencies. During major storms an emergency response plan is activated. The Distribution Department is also responsible for maintaining all traffic signals and streetlights within the City's service area. 

The Electric Distribution Department is dedicated to maintaining and improving the safety and reliability of the electric system.  Maintenance programs for both overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines and equipment are conducted on an annual basis.  In addition, capital improvements are budgeted annually to improve and update the system.  Our customers will see the ongoing benefits of these activities through few outages caused by equipment failure and stability in electric rates.