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Water Main & Service Line Terminology

  • Corporation: A valve connecting the main to the water service line. The customer is responsible for the corporation.
  • Main: The large pipe laid in or along a street is called a water main. The main is four inches or more in diameter with a fire hydrant attached to it. The Department of Utilities is responsible for water mains.
  • Meter: Measures the amount of water used. The customer owns the water meter. However, the Utilities maintains it, and must have access to the meter for readings and maintenance. We will replace the meter if it is defective.
  • Private Line: A service that is connected to the closest main when there is no main adjacent to the property. Like a service line, the property owner owns and maintains the private water line.
  • Service Line: The pipe from your house to our main. If the main is across the street, the service runs under the street. You own and maintain the water service line.
  • Stop Box: Provides access to the curb stop or valve. Usually located between the back of the curb and property line. If the stop box is too high, it may be a hazard for anyone walking over it and should be lowered. the customer is responsible for maintenance of the stop box.


  • Mains: Buried water pipes can break or leak. If you are aware of a leak, call us at 402.727.2613. When the leak is from a main, we will repair it.
  • Service Lines: We issue notices for leaking or broken water services. Codes require that repairs be made by a master plumber, licensed by the City. You must get a permit from the Department of Utilities before any repair work is done.

When Repairs are Needed

Your plumber determines if the water service can be repaired. You may call us to verify the type of repair needed. You are responsible for making sure repairs are made.

Water will be turned off when the leaking or broken service line causes damage, is a safety hazard, or if you fail to make arrangements for repair. The property owner is responsible for disconnect charges.

Water service lines may not be relocated, repaired, or modified without a permit from the Department of Utilities. Any work must be inspected by the Department of Utilities.