Emergency Response Unit

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is comprised of 12 deployable members from the Fremont Police Department, Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and the Fremont Fire Department. Team composition includes a team commander and an assistant team leader, sharpshooters, negotiators, less lethal/grenadiers, and shield/entry personnel. All team members are assigned to various police shifts and specialized units, are on call 24/7 via pager and are activated for call-outs when needed.

As has been the practice since the team’s inception, members still cross train at all positions. Training includes firearms, tactical planning and execution, building entries and searches, hostage negotiations/rescue, warrant and raid planning. Changes in ERU tactics over the years have come as a direct result of improved equipment and technology. Things like ballistic shields, better optics, and less lethal options have all played a role in the way the ERU can approach different situations. 

Call -outs include high risk search warrants and barricaded or armed suspects. The team is also used for special details and are on standby during major events.