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Bid Title: Interested Automotive Electrical Specialist
Category: Bid Opportunities
Status: Closed



Independent of any contractors, suppliers, manufacturers or any interest that could be construed as a conflict of interest to the proposed project.

2)       A professional office that has experience in projects of similar scope and size as described in Scope of Services Section.

3)       A professional firm covered by all necessary insurance. 

4)       Distance of facility where work will be completed shall not exceed 60 miles from the Fremont Police Department.


The new vehicles will be delivered with the following new equipment already installed per state contract and needing connected during the upfitting process.

2023 Ford Police Interceptor SUV

Setina PB400 Push Bumper installed on front of vehicle

Federal Signal Speaker INSTALLED ON PUSH BUMPER (Jones Auto per State Contract)

Two (2) Clear/White LED Modules vertically mounted on Push Bumper

Two (2) Clear/White LED Modules mounted on (1) each side of rear license plate bracket

Spotlight White LED lighting

The following is a breakdown for the vehicle and the new equipment/requirements for the upfitting. There are several descriptions of products we wish to utilize so there can be no substitutions. All equipment must be new. No remanufactured or used equipment may be utilized, other than what we provide. In addition, all connections must be soldered and all wiring must be routed through convoluted tubing or wire looms. Wires need to be identified, neat, and become an integral part of the existing wiring of the new vehicle. Any openings made to the outside of the vehicle must be sealed at end of installation in order to reduce sound and debris.

Federal Integrity Light Bar                                                                             Part #INTG51J-P1L

Waterproof Fittings                                                                                        Part #KE007-2020-0

Hook kit                                                                                                          Part #HKB-FPIU20


Upgraded Steel Brackets for Push bumper LED lights (X 2)                        Part #HSFRXT3LBKT


Sound Off Intersector Lights – under mirror LED red/blue/white (X 2)       Part #ENT2B3RBW


Federal Spoiler bracket                                                                                   Part #MPSM6-FPIU20RS1

Federal 6-LED Micropulse Ultra Red/Blue (X 2)                                          Part #MPS62U-RB


SoundOff Signal mpower Fascia 3” (X 2)                                                     Part #EMPS1STS4RBW

SoundOff Signal deck/grille adjustable bracket kit (X 2)                              Part #PMP1BKDGAJ


Federal 6-LED Micropulse Ultra Red/Blue (X 2)                                          Part #MPS62U-RB

Mercury Tilt Switch                                                                                       Part #LESAU-46PKG


Federal Signal Pathfinder Siren Controller                                                    Part #PF200S17B

25FT OBDII Cable 2022 PIU                                                                        Part #OBDCABLE25-2


Secure-Idle Ignition Override System                                                            Part #SI 240-T-IH


Federal Signal Littlite                                                                                     Part #LF18TS-LED


Gamber Johnson Utility Console w/cup holder & rear arm rest                    Part #7170-0734-01

Gamber Johnson 9” Mongoose Locking slide arm w/short clevis                 Part #7160-0928

Magnetic Mic kit (X 2, one for radio, one for scanner)                                  Part #MMSU-1

3” Console Pocket                                                                                          Part #7160-0332

Kussamaul ElectronicsUSB Dual port 4.8                                                     Part #091-219-5


Pro-Gard Prisoner Transport Ford Utility                                                      Part #P1826UINT20AOSB


Estes Automated Weapons Systems SUV standard locker                            Part #SUV40-000

Estes Automated Weapons Systems Auxiliary Drawer                                 Part #AD38-000

(non-carpeted, vents in rear for ventilation. Electronics are to be installed in auxiliary drawer)

Estes Automated Weapons Systems locker insert                                          Part #MFRDBASEFOAM

Estes Automated Weapons Systems Ford SUV install kit                             Part #FER2020KIT

12-volt fan and guard for EWAS standard locker                                          Part # AL70111367

Pushbutton Switch                                                                                          Part #SC-1902

Bottom Cover for Vault                                                                                  Part#HS118


Dual battery system to be installed and to include:

Interstate dual purpose deep cycle AGM battery                                           Part #34M-AGM

AMG Fuse holder 100/200 AMP (X 2)                                                          Part #WT45616

AMG fuse 200 AMP (X 2)                                                                             Part #WT46274

Battery Separator 12-volt w/mounting bracket                                              Part #CO7610B

OPTIMA Battery hold down                                                                          Part #HS109

2020 Utility Dual Battery Door                                                                      Part #HS120

Liquid Tight Hole Plug                                                                                   Part #WT24437


Shotgun Gun Lock Handcuff Key with adjustable rack                                 Part #SC-920-1


Radio Antenna Coax Cable                                                                            Part#TCMB8

Modem Data Cables - must be Cat5e or greater (X 2)


Power management system to be installed including ignition triggered power and timer for shutdown delay upon turning off vehicle.


System to include: 

80 AMP resettable circuit breaker

Ground block stud

Fuse Box ATO/ATC 24

ABS Plastic Enclosure

Fuse holder w/14G Capacity

Grommet 1 3/8” Rubber

AMG Fuse 200 AMP

AMG Fuse Holder 100/200 AMP

Dual Output Time Delay Relay


The following items will be removed from the old cruiser and will need to be installed in the new:

Motorola 800 MHz Mobile Radio

Radar System w/ two antennas

Flashlight w/charger

Watch Guard 4RE camera system & Watch Guard Vista Body Cam Cradle

eCitation Printer and Housing

eCitation Scanner

Dell Laptop Docking Station

Sierra Wireless Modem and 3-in-1 Antenna




Before upfitting, vendor is to contact customer to verify placement of all equipment.

Programming of Pathfinder Siren Controller and lighting control is to be included in this quote.

Siren must be wired so that it will only activate when vehicle is out of the transmission “PARK” position and will not be active in the transmission “PARK” position.

Watch Guard camera must be wired into the ignition-triggered power system with other equipment as so to automatically start up when vehicle is turned on and capable of maintaining power after ignition is turned off as the camera system will be timed to shut down a short period of time after ignition is turned off.

Quote should include all labor costs, miscellaneous supplies, shipping and handling charges, and necessary extra equipment (fill plates, brackets, wiring, etc.) that will be needed to install the equipment listed.

All installation and subsequent servicing (repairs, warranty work) of installed equipment must be completed within a 60-mile radius of Fremont, Nebraska.

Quote should include all labor costs and miscellaneous supplies necessary to remove and reuse equipment from two cruisers being removed from service. This will include all cables and accessories pertaining to the radio, radar and two antennas, flashlight and charger, WatchGuard 4RE system and Vista Body Cam Cradle, eCitation Printer and Housing, eCitation Scanner, Dell Laptop Docking Station, and Sierra Wireless Modem and 3-in-1 Antenna. Quote should also include the removal of a radar unit from a cruiser being transferred to our community service program. 


The Automotive Electrical Specialist Shop shall include with their proposal (1 copy) in 10 pages or less:

1)       Statement of Qualifications

2)       Names and contact information of references for similar projects.

3)       List of Team members with their qualifications.

The Selection Committee will evaluate all submittals and will interview (no less than) the top 3 Firms as selected from the proposals.


The final selection shall be determined by (but not limited to) a combination of the following criteria:

1)       Qualifications

2)       Ability to complete Project within City’s preferred schedule

3)       Costs including all Fees

4)       Experience with the City of Fremont

5)       Experience with jobs of similar scope and size

6)       Travel distance from the Fremont Police Department (not to exceed 60 miles)

Vendors shall provide one hard copy quote to the City Clerks Office Attn: Tyler Ficken and one emailed copy quote to Administrative Captain Kurt Bottorff.

City of Fremont City Clerk’s Office

Attn: Tyler Ficken

400 East Military Avenue

Fremont, Ne 68025.

Submittals shall be delivered no later than 4:00 pm, January 31, 2023.

Questions regarding submittals to:

Capt. Kurt Bottorff



Publication Date/Time:
12/30/2022 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
1/31/2023 4:00 PM

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