All EMS Fees
The EMS service provided by the fire department generates revenue through user fees, which are determined by the level of service provided. The City of Fremont contracts with EMS Billing to bill and collect ambulance fees.

Our current rates are:
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) is $635
  • Advanced Life Support – Level 1 (ALS1) is $765
  • Advanced Life Support – Level 2 (ALS2) is $935
A $14.52 per mile one way fee is added to all transport runs. When transporting is not necessary, but first aid or medication assistance is given to a patient there is a $230 fee.

Collaborative Effort Fees
When we are requested to “intercept” with an ambulance from another community, a contract has been put in place to receive $175.00 of what is collected by the transporting squad (the transporting agency bills the patient).

Fremont’s rates are comparable to other Nebraska departments of similar population size, and often considerably less than those of private providers (based on fees allowed by Medicare).

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  1. EMS Billing Contact
    P.O. Box 641880
    Omaha, NE  68164-7880
    PH:  402-572-4019