Emergency Responses

We responded to 224 fire related calls and 2,238 emergency medical calls. The Fremont Fire Department's average response time is approximately 4.04 minutes. Response time is measured from the time we receive the call at the fire station, to the time our personnel arrive on the scene.

There were 143 instances during 2016 when off duty firefighters were called back to work for additional manpower.

Fire Damage Statistics

The department responded to 224 fire related calls.  April was the most active month with 27 fire calls. July was the most active month for working fires that required extinguishment with 6 structure fires, 2 vehicle fires, 2 dumpster fires, and 1 grass fire. The department had 6 exposures that received damage on 4 separate fire incidents. An "exposure" is a fire resulting from another fire outside that building, structure, or vehicle, or a fire that extends to an outside property from a building, structure or vehicle.