2016 Emergency Responses

Our rescue squads responded to 2,238 medical emergencies and treated 2,545 patients in 2016. Average squad response time was roughly 4.02 minutes. There were 143 times during the year when off-duty firefighters were called back to work because of multiple medical emergencies (two and three squad requests, or a fire call and separate squad request, at the same time).

Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support has been a service provided to the city by the fire department since 1995. It enables our paramedics to administer certain medications, as well as IV's and advanced airway techniques. Of the 2,545 patients treated in 2016, roughly 25% received Advanced Life Support service.

Department Equipment

In 2013, the department purchased a new International/Osage Ambulance. This heavy duty ambulance replaced a 1998 ambulance and has updated equipment and features to serve the patients.

A grant was obtained from the Omaha Metropolitan Medical Response System to assist with the purchase of Auto Pulse Equipment. This equipment performs more effective and efficient CPR than a person is able to do.

In a continuing effort to update and maintain building infrastructure, new LED and Radiant Heat was installed in the Apparatus Bay. This building update should be more cost efficient and reduce utility usage.

A new traffic light in front of the Fire Station was installed to replace the original 1969 lights. With increased traffic on 16th Street, the new lights will be able to stop traffic when an emergency occurs and the fire trucks and ambulances leave the Fire Station thus providing more safety for the community.

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