Front Gate

Ridge Cemetery Association

The association is a non-profit corporation that raises funds and assists the Park Board in preserving the historical character and improvements to the grounds of the cemetery.

The Cemetery Association has already accomplished landscaping improvements at the entrance, paved the streets, erected a monument in Potter's Field, developed two prayer gardens, completed the irrigation system and installed ornamental iron fencing and entry arch and gate.

Donations and gifts are tax deductible.

Courtesy of Rader Photography

Current lot prices

  • 3'4" x 8' - $495
  • 4' x 10' - $565

Rules & Regulations

Cemetery Board Members

  • James Manhart, President  
  • Cherrie Beam-Callaway
  • Nick Lamme
  • Salley Ganem
  • Connie Giese, Parks and Recreation Liaison
  • Joanne Thietje
  • Kim Beam
  • Al Sawtelle
  • Jeff Hively
  • Nicholas Hansen