Rental Information



The Fremont Parks and Recreation Department coordinates rentals of all city buildings. Please call 402.727.2630 for additional information, rules, and availability. 

Large Events

We offer the city auditorium, Christensen Field Multi-Purpose Building, and the Senior-Adult Center. Past events include fund raisers, receptions, concerts, hobby and stage shows, pancake and spaghetti dinners.

Christensen Field Complex has an indoor livestock arena, three pole barns with horse stalls, an enclosed barn plus an outdoor horse arena.

City Auditorium

This facility is a popular site for wedding receptions.
  • Capacity is 280 guests.
  • Deposit required.
  • Located at 925 North Broad Street.        
Renovated City Auditorium Virtual Tour

Cost (per day)
Banquet Hall

Mon-Sun $500


Mon-Sun $60

Christensen Field Multi-Purpose Building

This facility is a popular site for concerts, toy shows, gun shows, craft shows and wedding receptions.
  • Capacity is 800 to 1000 people.
  • Deposit required.
  • Located at West Linden and Ridge Road.

Cost (per day):
Main Arena Monday - Sunday $650

Kitchen  Monday - Sunday $55

Friendship Center

This facility is used for smaller wedding receptions, family reunions and graduation parties.
  • Capacity is 250 people
  • Deposit required
  • Located at West Linden and Ridge Road at Christensen Field
Cost (per day)
  • Friendship Center: Fri-Sun $345- limited availability
  • Kitchen: Fri-Sun $55          

Smaller Events

Venues for smaller events include the City Auditorium Community Rooms and the Christensen Field Meeting Room.


Auditorium Community Room East

Capacity is 60 people.
  • Cost (per day): Mon-Sun $85
  • Deposit Required
  • Located at 9th and Broad Streets
City Auditorium Community Room West 
Capacity is 80 people
  • Cost (per day): Mon-Sun $100
  • Deposit Required
  • Located at 9th and Broad Streets


Field Meeting Room

Capacity is 80 people.
  • Cost (per day): Mon-Sun $90
  • Deposit Required
  • Located at West Linden and Ridge Road
*Holiday rates and/or Commercial rates may apply to all rental facility fees.
Event insurance may be required based on the type of event that is being held. 

Deposits for all areas must be paid within one week of booking. Deposits will be:

                $100 for events in small venues

                 $250 for events in large venues

                 $350 for commercial events

                 Pre-existing arrangements apply.


Refund Policy


30 days or more prior to the event       100% refund sent

29 days or less prior to event                 0% refund