Programs & Services


The meal count is what keeps our doors open. Join us for a good meal and great fellowship! Bring a friend who is new to the Center to eat lunch and receive a free lunch coupon. Lunch is served daily at 11:30 a.m.

Meal and Nutrition Van reservations are required by noon, a business day in advance - cancellations are appreciated. Suggested meal contribution $4.00. Rides are $3.00 each way or $6.00 round trip.

Come Join Us

The Pool Room is open Monday - Friday, when the Center is open. There is no charge for using the pool tables.

The center also has a big screen TV available for use daily as well as a Nintendo Wii! Come bowl, play tennis, or many other games.

Computer Lab
The computer lab is open for public use Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Fridays, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Deb Marquardt, RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program), at 402.721.7780.
  • Training? - RSVP volunteers receive a brief orientation at the time they are enrolled in the program. They are given information regarding the program, it's benefits and volunteers receive in-service and supervision from staff at the specific volunteer station.
  • What is RSVP? - The Retired Senior and Volunteer Program (RSVP) offers older adults (55+) a meaningful life through volunteer service that is responsive to community needs. It offers them opportunities to use their talents and experiences in community service according to their individual skills and interests.
  • Where do RSVP Volunteers Serve? - RSVP can match volunteers with jobs in the community where they are really needed. Non-profit organizations, agencies and institutions where RSVP volunteers serve are designated as volunteer stations. Stations include schools, libraries, courts, local police departments, hospitals, nursing homes, park and recreation areas, thrift stores, senior centers, museums, and theaters.
  • Who is an RSVP Volunteer? - Anyone age 55 or better is eligible to be an RSVP volunteer. RSVP addresses a full spectrum of community needs. Volunteers often elect to continue in their professional fields or they may pick an assignment for the new challenges it offers.
For additional information or to get enrolled in the program, please contact Deb Marquardt at 402.721.7780.


Car-Go is for people who are unable to use other transportation alternatives. For additional information, please contact Deb Marquardt at 402.721.7780.

Rural Transportation

Reservations may be made by calling 402.721.7770.

This program may be utilized for medical appointments, business appointments, shopping and airport transportation. Other transportation requests will be considered based on seating availability.

Exercise Equipment, Videos ,& Walking Club

Incentives are offered to those keeping a log of at least 15 minutes, three times per week (logs are due the last Thursday of the month).