The office of the Fremont Parks & Recreation Department is located at:
City Hall - 400 E Military, 2nd Floor
Ph: 402.727.2630


The Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities for the citizens of Fremont, including softball, baseball, tennis, soccer, archery, volleyball, horseshoes, hiking and biking trails, swimming, and sledding. Facilities such as the senior-adult center, splash pads, skate park, and Splash Station are continuously used by citizens and families.

Recreation Facilities

The department maintains 14 ball fields for practices and games for City Leagues as well as Independent Leagues, one regulation baseball field that is used by the Midland University, as well as one football field that is used by Fremont High School, Archbishop Bergan High School, and Midland University.

The eight field soccer complex at Christensen Field is utilized by the Fremont Soccer Club and is the home field for Fremont High School and Midland University. The department also maintains over 400 acres of green space and park land.

In the summer months, the Recreation Department has several programs for the youth of Fremont including instructional baseball / softball, tiny-tots playgrounds, kid play playgrounds, swimming lessons, and special one day classes.

Why Should We Participate in Recreational Activities?

  • Adults reduce stress and develop new friendships.
  • Children and youth learn social skills and peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Senior adults improve their health while elevating self esteem.

Recreation Programs

Disc golf is an activity that provides low cost recreation to the community while being low cost for installation and maintenance. This is an activity that can be played year round, in rain, snow, or sunshine.

Disc golf is the best kept recreational secret.
  • It's free (players must bring their own discs)
  • It's fun
  • It's challenging

Bocce Courts at Christensen Field

Bocce is an ancient game, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling.
  • It is a great game to play outside on a beautiful day.
  • It requires skill, strategy and just a little luck.
  • People of all ages can enjoy this game of accuracy.
  • See How to Play Bocce Ball at for more details.