Public Computers

Public Computers in the Library

Keene Memorial Library has several different kinds of computer available for public use.
  • 15 minute email - now have two available for quicker access to your email
  • Internet - no games
  • Internet with email (for email and chat as well as some games such as Runescape)
  • Internet with games
  • Kid's internet with email
  • Word processing
Each of these types of computers has Office 2007 installed.

Safe Web Browsing

All of our internet computers are filtered to block obscene and gambling sites, which are illegal in Nebraska. 

Users under the age of 17 need a parent's permission to access email and chat computers.

For more information, please refer to our Computer and Internet Access Policy.

Children's Computer Resources

We offer one computer dedicated to the children's department that have the ELF browser installed. This program allows access to child-friendly websites and offer a wide range of programs dedicated to education and fun-filled activities.

AWE Learning Station is a computer that focuses on the education of children from the age of 2 to 10 years of age. With it's color-coded keyboard and mouse designed for smaller hands, this computer has many bilingual programs designed with your child's learning in mind.