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Posted on: November 26, 2019

Snow Removal Policy

 Snow Policy for the City of Fremont Nebraska 

"Questions & Answers" 

What do crews do if there is not enough snow to plow, but the streets are icy?

During light snowfalls & when streets are icy, street crews will spread a mixture of salt & sand on major arterials, downtown & at intersections with traffic signals & stop signs. 

When does snow removal begin?

When snow has accumulated to 2", snow routes are plowed. When snow has accumulated to 3" or greater, a snow emergency is declared. During a snow emergency, parking ondesignated snow routes is strictly prohibited. 

Which streets are cleared by the Street Department?

The Street Department is responsible for all snow removal operations on all streets within the city limits of Fremont. Snow routes are plowed as often as needed to keep them clear. 

When will my street be plowed?

When a snow emergency is declared, residential plowing will occur. Residential snow removal begins as soon as the snowfall ends & there has been a minimum 3" snow accumulation. Depending on the severity of the snowstorm, residential streets are usually completed within 24 hours after the snowfall ends. Keep in mind it may take longer to clear all city streets in case of a severe blizzard or equipment failure. During residential plowing, it is very helpful if cars are moved into the driveway or to a street that has been cleared. If at all possible, please do not park on streets during residential plowing. Cul-de-sacs & circle drives are also plowed at this time. Residential alleys are not plowed by the Street Department. 

What about driveways & sidewalks?

When cleaning your street, crews have no place to push the snow except to the curb. This creates the unavoidable problem of already cleared sidewalks & driveways becoming covered with snow. Unfortunately, the City does not have the personnel to clean sidewalks & driveways. We ask for your cooperation by not pushing or blowing snow into the street. 

What if my mailbox becomes covered with snow?

Crews have no place to push the snow except to the curb, curbside mailboxes may unfortunately become blocked. Since the Street Department does not have the personnel to remove snow from your mailbox area, we ask that you clear the snow from your mailbox area to allow the Post Office to deliver your mail. 

What about snow removal in the downtown business district? 

It is not practical to try to clear the downtown streets of snow during daytime hours due to the amount of traffic & parked vehicles. The snow removal in the business district is usually done the night following the snowstorm. Depending on the amount of snow, the snow in the business district is generally windrowed to the center of the streets & hauled away. 

How many lane miles does the City have to plow?

The City of Fremont removes snow from approximately 380 lane miles of streets. 

If you have questions, please contact the Street Department at 402-727-2691.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

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