City Administrator

City AdministratorCity Administrator Duties
The City Administrator’s Office is responsible for the overall coordination of activities among the governmental departments.  These departments include Police, Fire, Parks & Recreation, Library, Public Works, and City Clerk.  This office also prepares the government portion of the City’s annual operating budget.

  • The Administrator reports to the City’s elected officials, including the Mayor and Fremont’s eight member City Council.  He works closely with the Greater Fremont Development Corporation on economic development projects.

  • The Administrator also serves as the Plan Administrator  for the City’s various pension and deferred compensation plans and negotiates union contracts with various union officials.  The position is aided by a Senior Administrative Assistant.

The enterprise counterpart to the City Administrator is the Utility General Manager.  The General Manager is responsible for the various business-type operations of the City.  These include the electric, natural gas, sewer, water, and wastewater treatment operations.